Priority SDGS

We use NITI Aayog’s report — made from a dashboard that collects data on various SDGs and identifies which Indian states and UTs have fallen behind — to help them work towards those specific goals. We implement the need of that particular state or UT at the given time and focus on the need of the hour rather than doing all 17 at the same time. We also follow Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) guidelines for implementation.

No Poverty

Zero Hunger


Clean Water
and Sanitation


Priority Goal and Targets #1:

"To end poverty in all its forms everywhere."

  • Skill Enhancement – Vocational Training
  • Community Engagement & Industry Mapping
  • Youth Mobilization & Awareness
  • Trade Mapping (as per geography)
  • Training – equipped skill development centre,
  • trainers, tools & equipment etc.
  • Live projects and on the job training
  • Assessment & Certification – recognized
  • institution i.e. NSDC, Sector Skill Council, PHD Chambers etc.
  • Placement and Entrepreneurship
  • Development Counselling, Screening & Enrolment.
  • Post Placement Tracking

Priority Goal and Targets #2:

"To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture."

  • Improve food access, such as school food and cash transfers
  • Food Fortification
  • Food Donation Drive
  • Provide dry ration supply
  • Raise awareness around the issue of food wastage
  • Recycling of food items
  • Farmers Engagement through formation of Farmers Club
  • Intergrated Nutrients Management
  • Organic Farming

Priority Goal and Targets #3:

"To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all."

  • Early Childhood Education/Creche
  • Digital Education – Computer Labs, Smart
  • Classes, e-Library etc.
  • STEM Education – Labs & Provision of Teachers
  • Training of Teachers
  • School Infrastructure Development
  • Counselling Sessions with Parents – to encourage them to send their children to
  • schools (reduce drop-outs & increase attendance)
  • Adolescent Health, Sanitation, Menstrual
  • Hygiene, Good Touch-Bad Touch,
  • Career Counselling & Personality Development
  • Sports for Development

Priority Goal and Targets #4:

"To ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all."

  • Safe Drinking Water – RO System & Cooler in schools and Water ATM in community
  • Awareness & Sensitization Sessions
  • Household Toilet, Community & School Toilet
  • Complexes
  • Operations & Maintenance of Toilets
  • Sustainability Model - Social Entrepreneurs
  • IEC Dissemination – pre and post triggering activities
  • Hand washing, flushing, cleanliness, menstrual hygiene etc.
  • Cleanliness Drives, Dustbins and linkages with local municipal corporation
  • Waste Management, Soak Pits & Septic Tanks

Priority Goal and Targets #5:

"To reduce inequality within and among countries."

  • Skill Enhancement – Self Help Group (SHG) Model
  • Community Engagement & Market Mapping
  • Women Mobilization & Awareness
  • Trade Mapping (as per geography)
  • Literacy classes - orientation on financial and social security issues
  • Life skill education sessions - health & hygiene, child education etc.
  • Bank Linkages – saving habits, book keeping, MIS, bank accounts, business operations & management
  • Exposure Visits & Counselling
  • Market Linkages