About Us

DGF strives to uplift India’s most disadvantaged communities by providing them with the opportunities they deserve.

We are registered as a not-forprofit organization under the societies registration act, 1860 under the name ‘Dhamma Global Foundation’.

Our Vision

We envision an Indian society in which all people, especially the children and women, are empowered to take ownership of their economic and social development.

Our Purpose

In our people-centric development framework, we promote economic and social empowerment through various SDG-aligned CSR programs.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to help the most vulnerable people in need. Working at the grassroots level, we understand what vulnerable communities need and implement programs that best meet their needs.
  • - Volunteer, DGF
    Approximately 73 million people continue to live in extreme poverty, which means that they are more likely to perpetuate the cycle of poverty further.
    - Volunteer, DGF
  • - Beneficiary, DGF
    I’m happy because DGF is supporting our children when they need it the most. With the help of home-learning kits, they will be able to continue learning until schools reopen.” Ritika is delighted that her kids can still count on DGF during the #Covid19 pandemic.
    - Beneficiary, DGF
  • - Volunteer, DGF
    Neelam’s three-year-old son benefits from DGF-supported quality learning materials. While classrooms in #India are closed, we’re providing learning supplies so she can teach her child at home: “As a family we’re doing everything it takes to fight the pandemic. This support will help my child to learn, play, and grow even when he is not at school.” .
    - Volunteer, DGF
  • Closed schools are impacting nearly 80% of students worldwide. In a situation like this, it is normal to feel sad, worried, anxious, and confused. With the help of our Take-Home Learning Kits, students in the affected areas keep learning and stay positive in times of uncertainty.
    - Volunteer, DGF
  • I’m a mother raising two children. I’m so happy that our children haven’t been forgotten in this time of crisis.” Our response to school closures is helping people, like Lateefa from #Pune, to keep their children learning and engaged at home. She told us, “This pandemic has really made us suffer. I’m so grateful this support will make a significant difference.”
    - Volunteer, DGF

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